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2 years ago
I need a guy that does this to me because my bf doesnt like anal sex
Steve 3 years ago
Excellent anal scene, great gaping, winking and creampie push!!!
2 years ago
I want to lick that wad of cum right out of her anus!
Daddy's Princess 2 years ago
My daddy taught me everything I know about sex. When he took both my cherries it hurt like heck he was gentle and nice enough to kiss them both before and after making sure my body was relaxed. I'm glad he's not monster sized because I really love anal I have the most intense orgasms. I met this guy in College we did anal he was not gentle and I learned if you care for a girl you'll be like daddy gentle and caring about her pleasure not pain.
Anonymous 2 years ago
Nice anal sex
Jane 1 year ago
Superb. The only thing that would have been better for her would have been getting it from an uncut cock. Believe me, feels so much nicer.
Steve 3 months ago
Luv when a really anal butt slut rides as well as takes my cock in her special, stinky little hole! Especially when I pop with her shitter on top! I do prefer that she rides a bit longer to stir the mix of piss,girlygoo,my spit,cum and her pooperjuice's then gives that nasty little stainmaker a shake and farts the whole mess back out onto my lap (or hand, chest, face), climbs off, slip's a finger up my ass and starts slurping and cleaning up!!!
1 year ago
Was so good, but, she got sida dude
El bugea cerebros gringo 3.0 1 year ago
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Elvergudo 1 year ago
Maria Luisa Quiroz Hernandez from Silao GTO